Saturday, June 16, 2012


The other night I was on the phone with my friend Karen, who lives in Orange County, CA and works as a chef at Whole Foods. She needs to come visit me! I know she would love this country life and these charming Southern gentlemen. But, we will come back to that later. Karen and I were on the phone while I was getting ready to go out with Country Man and 2 other couples for dinner. She asked where we were going, and I told her, "a restaurant called Marlows Tavern" and she said,
"Yeehaw! Is that one of 'dem there country saloon-type taverns!"
I laughed and told her, 
"Karen, NO, we aren't all hicks around here. 
We do actually have normal restaurants with normal food." 

I'd had a momentary brain-lapse forgetting where I was, and not realizing that "normal food" in the California-sense of the word is different from "normal food" here in Georgia. See: "Stick a Beer up the Chicken's Butt" for example. I was still suffering from my brain lapse regarding "normal food" until I opened the menu and saw everything fried, with grits, with a biscuit, extra buttery, specialty sweet iced tea, potatoes and corn galore. I laughed out loud at the selection: pointing out items like "shrimp & grits" and "fried chicken stack" and "loaded corn on the cob".

One of the couple's I had never met before looked confused by my reaction, so Country Man explained where I was from and directed them to my blog. The next statement is always, "Oh my gosh, I love California! And Vegas! I've never been to Vegas. People actually live there? That sounds so fun! Why would you leave and move to Georgia!?!" I'm working on a "Why I left" blog post, it is coming soon. But, its a long and complicated story needing delicate treatment. People here in Georgia seem to love their Southern roots and country-ways, but they don't expect anyone else to love it....hence the reaction I usually get, "why would you leave?"
But, you know what people - I love it too! It is in adventure and such a nice change of pace.

That was a tangent - why do I always seem to do that. I blame my mother for my lack of "staying on topic" skills. Back to the restaurant. Back to the menu. 
I went half California-half Georgia by ordering fish tacos with a side of jalapeño grits. Yum! 
Who would have thought to put grits as a side with fish taco. Only in the South, my dear. Of course, I thought the fish tacos could have used some avocado, but aside from that, it was delicious. 

Country Man opted for something called "The Kitchen Sink," i.e: everything in the kitchen thrown on top of one burger. It was scary!
But of course, oh so good!

I've never been a food picture-taker until recently, and I have to tell you that it still feels a little awkward to me. I'm like, "WAIT! Don't take a bite yet. Wait! Angle it this way. Your burger is such a beautiful model. oh yeah, baby. work it french fries. Wait! The lighting isn't right!" Okay I'm not that annoying yet, but these are baby steps in the blogging world, I don't doubt that I will get there eventually. 

Right now I try to snap it as quickly and discreetly as I can without looking like a tourist from China. But, when this little beauty came out, I had to snap snap snap away - I don't care that I literally just met you TJ, let me take pictures of your food!! So y'all think I'm weird?
Well, stick a flag in it!
Note: it is NOT the 4th of July
This is just how we roll in these parts..
at our "normal food" restaurant in the South.


  1. Looks delicious, but dangerous! I went home during Christmas last year, and got sick from having eggs, bacon, and toast, I blame it on too much butter. I've become truely Chinese.. or maybe the western food here is just healthier.

    1. Julia, that sucks you can't have bacon and eggs!! But, you know what, I always seem to get a stomachache whenever I eat Chinese food. Is our version of Chinese food in the States different than how it actually is prepared over there?

  2. Loved this blog and your shout out to me! More importantly....did you wear a "Coors Light" (say it right) Tee shirt to dinner? !) I have heard of Beer Up the Chickens Butt! and yes possibly a southern, country man I need indeed ..... Like Country Man....Lol, I love how you refer to him as "Country Man"! Looks like you made a good chice with those fish tacos and Country Man's Burger looks like a burger only a big boy could handle! Cant wait to read the blog "Why Did You Leave". So many Damn reasons!!!

    1. Ha! No I did not wear a Cooooors Light tshirt to dinner I went straight from work, so I was classing it up at that joint. Meanwhile, Country Man was wearing a tshirt that he didn't realize had holes in the armpit. Wish I'd taken a picture of that. He was like, "I knew there was a reason I didn't wear this shirt anymore!"