Thursday, November 29, 2012


No no no calm down, not across the country again. And not out of the parental unit's casa...yet! (I know, I know it was only supposed to be temporary, as I say this one year later.
I really should have told you months ago. I moved to a new domain. 
I figured since my followers were...Mom, Dad, Country Man, Country Man's mother, grandmother, cousin and brother, that the move would be safe. However, I noticed I've lost some readership along the way. And also some writership. Is that a word? Nope, it's not, I just got the red squiggly line indicating that it is not. What I mean is that I haven't been writing as much, because designing your personally hosted site, is A LOT harder than simply posting from the Blogger platform. I am still new to the world of blogging, and teaching myself along the way, but I'll admit I may have been a little hasty in my move. As I am with many things in life...but somehow I always pull through. 

Thank you for all of my readers who have praised my writing style, it is definitely encouraging. I hope that you come visit me and continue to leave comments at my new home. I look forward to seeing you there. 

Now, GO, quit hanging around this old space! You're missing all my Southern adventures.

love ya!

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