Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Have you ever had one of those days where you are SO motivated to workout (you even pack gym clothes in your car in the morning!) but then it seems like the world is against your good and healthy motives? That happened to me last week when my "workout routine" went something like this.

4:00pm - check the gym class schedule and vow to go to the 5:30pm Spin Class
5:35pm - reading emails, "Crap! What time is it??"
5:36pm - check the gym class schedule AGAIN and vow to go to the 6:30 Pilates class
5:50pm - "Hello Boss....why are you back in the office, I thought you left for the day?"
6:45pm - "Goodbye Boss" Grrrrrr!!!!
6:50pm - Driving home I decide that I still have time for a run around the lake.
7:00pm - Change into workout clothes, SO MOTIVATED!
7:05pm - "Hello Mother, is that wine you are drinking? May I taste it?
7:10pm - "So, this is cheap wine from Walmart? Pretty good. You drank this whole bottle already?" Oh, you used it in your cooking, SUUURRRE!

7:15pm - "Mom, should I go for a run?" Secretly hoping she says, "No honey, lets drink wine and watch bad reality TV."
7:16pm - Mom says, "Sure honey, if you want to. Dinner won't be ready until after 8 anyway."
7:17pm - Take a swig of wine, "Do you want to run with me?"
Mom: "Umm, no, do you ever see me run?"
Me: "Fine, do you want to walk with me?"
7:25 - Headed to the lake with my mom for a nice evening stroll!
Go Momma Go!
So, my workout plan backpedaled from:
Spin Class --> Pilates --> Running --> Wine drinking --> Walking --> Dinner

Has this ever happened to you??

Well, you know what, I was glad that it did because I got to enjoy some quality time with the Madre and this beautiful sunset!

Me and the Madre
baaahhhh yikes! good thing I gots my hairs did!
See...when you are strolling slowly you can take better pictures. 

But, today I really am going to the gym! I have my workout clothes in the car! Yolates here I come!
yoga + pilates = yolates (just FYI, i'm not crazy)

And I won't become a chunky monkey like my sister's pretty kitty. 
Meet Puka.
He is pretty
and very fat
and cross-eyed.

I'll let you know how the yolates goes!

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  1. Lol.....ummm yep this has happened to myself many times where it comes between picking to either workout or some eating/drinking event! And I will admit it.....I think food wins majority of the time. Not alone on this one. I swear too every gym I have gone to has this food joint in their parking lot that is trying to lure you in with their great aromas that fill the parking lot! Grrrr! I love Puka! Puka loves his food!