Thursday, July 5, 2012


A neglected blog is a sad blog. And I hate to say my blog is sad right now. I am so sorry my Turning Country readers that I couldn't find the time to keep you posted. I barely kept Country Man posted while I was on a week-long business trip in Reno, NV. We survived on 10 minute, in-between-meeting-phone calls and wee-hours-of-the-morning-goodnights. Needless to say, it is so good to be home. Despite the fact that I've been coughing up the Reno crud, smoke, grime, sleaziness and alcohol all week in the form of a yellowish-greenish color. Yum!
If you've never been to Reno - here are a couple snapshots. Tell me then if you feel so enticed to visit?
I would label Reno as:
wait..I didn't come up with that?




don't ask why I was here

enough said....yes this is in the middle of the bedroom


Okay, fine...I won't complain about a microbrew at lunch
like all of the dives in Vegas smashed together
Reno, NV is not exactly the epitome of class, and really, any business trip is tiring. You have to be peppy, on your best behavior, best-dressed, energetic, knowledgable, charming and awake
Puts a damper on a country-girl lifestyle - to wear slacks, skirts or heels, sip martinis and shake hands with high-rollers every night. I'm not gonna lie, once in a while, it is fun to play dress-up, mingle and dine out. But, it doesn't take long for a girl to prefer curling up next to her man with a home-cooked meal and a movie. At least it doesn't take long for me.
It didn't help that traveling was a fiasco for me!
I'll break it down for you.

Day of departure:
1. Running late and packing last minute (as always)
2. Country Man missed a turn to the airport. Not his fault that the domestic terminal exit changed - but it backtracked us quite a few miles
3. Had to check a bag (uggh) and wait in a long line (uggh!)
4. Get to check-incounter and my bag weighs...63 POUNDS! Okay, I promise I'm not that crazy when it comes to packing, I had a ton of marketing collateral with me.
5. Lady tells, me, "Ma'am you are over 50 pounds that will be a $90 overage fee"
6. I tell lady, "aww hell nah! I'll buy a $20 bag, stuff it full and carry it on."
7. I buy a $25 carry-on bag.
8. I stuff it to the brim with our marketing material
9. I wait in check-in line AGAIN (uggh)
10. Carry on bag weighed 15 pounds. Checked bag weighed 48. Success!
11. Wait in long security line (uggh)
12. Get through security, and at this point have 25 minutes until takeoff. My coworkers have already texted me that they started boarding. I, of course, blame everyone but myself.
13. I get on the Tram to head to D gate
14. Tram breaks (uuggggggghhhhh)
15. I am in terminal T (very very far from D)
16. I quickly walk in the general direction of the D gate
17. I jog towards D gate
18. Coworker calls and says "you have 10 minutes and then they are closing the doors."
19. I sprint towards D gate
20. I knock a woman in a wheelchair with my 15 pound carry-on, yelling apologies as I continue sprinting. She wasn't hurt.
21. PS: there are no direct flights into Reno and flights are sporadic, scarce and expensive.
22. Co-worker calls me again.
23. I ignore the call and continue running.
24. Co-worker calls me again
24. I pick up and he is franticly yelling, "hurry, I know you used to be a track star. Hurry. Use those legs! They said you literally have 2 more minutes to get here!"
25. I see the D gate. I see the signs!
26. I see my co-worker and the gate-security man waving their arms at me.
27. I MADE IT!!
28. I find my seat (window of course) in the packed plane and make everyone move out of my way. I shove my now-even-more-freakishly-heavy carry-on bag in the overhead compartment.
29. I sit down and continue profusely sweating and heavy-breathing for the next half hour
30. My co-worker behind me says, "Hey, Rachel. I ate a bean burrito and its wafting up your way."

 So farewell, Reno. I have many memories there. And I have learned many things, such as: you are considered one of the top meth-capitals in the world. But, beneath all of the drugs, grime and dust there are some pretty freaking nice people there. And I have a couple awesome friends who call it home. It was so nice to see you guys. Now come visit the South and get some fresh air. You won't be hacking up yellow stuff on your way home, I promise.
xoxo NIGHT
okay okay, Reno has some potential. The River Walk at dusk was beautiful.

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