Friday, June 22, 2012


Oh my gosh...
I didn't even want to write this post because it was shall I say, disgusting! 
The other night I went over to Country Man's house. Guess who was there? 
A dead deer!
And Kevin. 
Yup they go hand in hand. 
Okay, so I walk in carrying a tupperware full of leftovers from our private dining experience last Saturday, with Chef Alexis Hernandez from the Food Network.
Boy can that man cook....and boy can he talk.
But that's another story for later.
I'm ready to prepare a feast, so I give a quick hello and head to the kitchen to start cooking. Much to my astonishment, dismay, shock, horror, surprise and bewilderment I see something sticking out of the kitchen sink!
I approach with much trepidation.
And THIS is what I see...
Apparently, the men were preparing another kind of feast that I was not ready for: mentally or physically. You've got to warn a girl about these types of endeavors beforehand.
End of story. Enough said. I gotta go!
I am in a public place and can't risk somebody seeing this up on my screen right now.

 XOXO Love, not-quite-there-yet-country-girl

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