Tuesday, June 19, 2012

REDNECK LESSON #1: What the heck is jug fishin?

Kevin's midnight Facebook status says it all:
"Pullin an all-nighter out on the lake with Caleb, jug fishin, frog gigging, and plain ol' night fishin." 
That would be Caleb, as in Country Man Caleb. 
But, hey its better than seeing a Facebook status that says, 
"Pulling an all-nighter out on the Strip, jug fishin, clubbing and plain old lap dances."
Those are Girlfriends-in-Vegas concerns. 
I don't even want to know what "jug fishing" on the Strip would entail!

Girlfriends-in-Georgia worry about whether their man will:
1. Get eaten by a lake creature or gator
2. Get torn up by mosquitos or get a fishing hook to the eye
3. Overdose on Mountain Dew
4.  Capsize his homemade boat
5. Bring home dinner!
Haha, just kidding on that last one, we aren't cave people. But, they do have a growing collection of frog legs, bass and catfish in the freezer. That will be a blog-worthy event once they decide to fry it all up; I've never tried any of those things...the frog legs and ugly-faced catfish are especially eerie to me. But, apparently this year has been all about trying new things, so catfish face - here I come.

Girlfriends-in-Georgia also have to be really excited about receiving pictures like these at 4am...
Me: "Wow babe, good work! Way to go! Nice catch! Looking good in that headlamp"

"Good catch! Can't wait to sink my teeth into that lil' critter!"

"Don't worry sweetie, I won't judge a man by the size of his bass!
Or by the size of his truck."
Kevin must be trying to compensate for something...
Good work gentlemen!

And jug fishing...well, its just what it sounds like!
1. Tie the line, hook and bait to an old milk jug
 2. Toss the jug in the lake
3. Continue your usual rod and reel fishing or "frogging" or whatever the heck else you are doing
4. Get really excited when you see the jug start to bob under water
5. Chase said jug all over the lake
6. Yank that sucker up and pose with your prize, (you must be in a tank top or shirtless).
7. Text pictures of prize to all of your friends
8. Beat the catfish on the side of the head with a large stick to ensure its death (PETA hates you)
9. Skin it, clean it
10. Eat it
That was your Redneck Lesson #1
 You can learn more about catfishing at other credible sources such as:
*Note: Just because they are listed on my blog does not mean I endorse them or the people on there in any way, shape or form.
Although, Karen, I may have found you a prospect! 
You said you wanted a country man and Southern gentleman!

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