Monday, May 14, 2012


Yesterday, as I spent the day with my Mom and celebrated the fact that she raised a perfect daughter, I realized....I am becoming almost exactly like my mother!
I'm not saying this is a bad thing...its just become increasingly noticeable as the years go on. But, again not a bad thing - considering she is the coolest, prettiest, funniest, most artistic, creative, beautiful, generous and sweet person I know - yup, I'm talking about you LaDonna. And for those of you who I know are now wondering, yes I am fully of Caucasian descent... except for the fact that my Dad was born in Argentina (to a family from Illinois) and claims that there is Latin blood running through his veins.
Dad - just because you listened to Ricky Martin back in 1999 and prefer chorizo over Jimmy Dean, doesn't make you ethnically diverse. I'm sorry. It makes me exotic though. "I have a mom by the name of LaDonna, a father from Argentina, I know how to say, "tu estas muy guapo and donde esta el bano", and look at these freckles on my skin and blue eyes...I know, I'm so exotic."

Wow, sidetracked....I apologize. Just one of the many ways I'm becoming almost exactly like Ladeezy - the inherent ADD.

Some other ways are:

1. I talk to our weenie dogs (don't you call dachshunds weenie dogs?) in an extremely abnormally- high shrill voice, laugh when they jump around and cock their heads at me, and then proceed to do it 85 more times
say what?

2. I yell at people sitting across the room from me when I can't hear them because I'm washing dishes and the water is on. I yell, as opposed to turning the water off, putting the dish down and acting civilized.

3. I cook and then ask everyone 85 times if it was delicious and if they are enjoying their meal and if they appreciate their meal and if they like their food and if the food is good and if they are so happy I cooked for them and if they love what they are tasting and if they want seconds.

4. I go to Michaels Craft Store (need I say more)

5. I justify spending lots of money on other people (food, drinks, gifts), but not $15 on a pair of earrings or a shirt for myself. (I guess I should be grateful for this lesson in selflessness....but I still want that shirt!)

6. I laugh at myself. all the time. even if all I did was stick a carrot stick up my nose when I thought people were watching, but they were really just looking at the clock and could care less if I had a carrot up my nose.
My mom is buff...and dressed weird and laughs at herself...bottom line, don't mess with her
7. She cares for people, and I mean genuinely cares about other's well-being even before her own. And I HOPE that I am like this, or at least learning to be like this from her.

8. I get very flustered and lost while driving

9. I take pictures of everything: the dogs, the food we are eating, the bug on the window, my brother while he is picking his wedgie, the couch, my friends when they aren't looking, a taco, a leaf, the floor, a rock, my nostrils, a flower, myself, a cloud, a picture.

10. I think a glass of Chardonnay any time of the day is OKAY

or a mothers day mimosa


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