Wednesday, May 23, 2012


just last night, the Country Man:

1. Drove in a downpour and lightning storm to come see me

2. did this with a bad tire that he literally just "fixed" (I hope fixed)

3. did this without a cell phone because his flew out of his pocket on a roller coaster at Six Flags
(was not his lucky weekend)

4. Brought over take-out buffalo chicken wings (ignoring my insistence that I want to lose 1 or 2 pounds)

5. Baked chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (again ignoring my insistence that I want to lose 1 or 2 pounds) - and yes, of course I ate one.

6. Patiently helped me figure out how to make these bracelets because I've been wanting to put new jewelry for sale in my mom's booth

7. Didn't discourage me when it took me over an hour to make 1/8th of a freaking bracelet!!!

8. Laughed when I said, "Those bracelet people seriously must not have a life!" - but didn't tell me that I subsequently also did not have a life for trying to replicate their "lifeless" craft.... and yes, that thought had crossed my mind. 

9. Cleaned the kitchen (my mom wants to adopt him I think)


10. Told me I am beautiful (ignoring my insistence that I want to lose a pound or two)

Such an angel! 

See...literally an angel
you can't see his wings

an angel that tastes like beard hair.

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