Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Over the weekend my country man and I ventured into the big city - yup, that would be HOTlanta for those of you who are new to my story. We had some very big-city-esque errands to run, including: a visit to pick up some miscellaneous items I left at the W Hotel Buckhead a few weeks ago and a Groupon to use on running gear at the New Balance store. A special thank you to Country Man for being ever so patient while we waited an hour in the hotel lobby for my “miscellaneous items” to be recovered and while I tried on 85 sports bras in the New Balance store with hopes that I could counteract the effects of gravity + running. After these tiring errands we were starving, and stumbled upon an outdoor patio with live music serving an exhaustive menu of burgers galore. Perfect.
Being the country man he is, the “Southern burger” complete with fried green tomatoes and a Yuengling draft beer was hastily ordered. Meanwhile Ms. Country Thang on the other end of the table (yes I would be referring to myself), ordered the “Earth burger” made from edamame beans complete with a carrot, radish and tomato salad; and a spicy bloody mary to boot.
Country man quickly deemed this as un-bloggworthy and decided I’d officially taken a step backwards in “turning country”. I, of course, took my step backwards to the next level and might as well have been drowning in the Pacific Ocean. Decked out in my Rainbow sandals, Anthropologie tank and Seven jeans, I announced how harmoniously balanced I felt with the earth and how I was like totally in sync with Mother Nature and the waves of life, dude, it was rad.
Amused, but probably turned off, Country Man took a big bite of the Earth burger and decided good old cow burger tasted a helluva lot better.
Sshhh…….but i agree. Sorry madre natura!

are burgers supposed to be green?
Which one would you order: Southern burger or Earth burger?

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