Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hailing from the West Coast I was sure that avocados, sprouts, hummus, whole wheat everything, turkey burgers, tofu everything, flat bread pizza that resembles a cracker, fancy cheeses, all things green, soy, almond, organic and non pasteurized were staples in the rest of the country's diet as well.


My Georgia friends were appalled that I had never:
1. Tried Chick fil A
2. Bought Bud Light
3. Bought white bread
4. Bought bologna
5. Bought American cheese
6. Eaten a biscuit for breakfast
7. Been to Waffle House
8. Fried my own chicken
9. Heard of QuickTrip
10. Caught or killed my own meal

That last one I'm still working on....I'll keep you posted.

But, in the spirit of being a Southern girl now, I will expand my recipage beyond soys, beans, leans and greens, and attempt to cook (err fry) up some good old fashioned Southern foods. Don't be surprised though when most of my recipes still allude to a beach-time era. I will never give up my West Coast list of staples. And you will learn to love them too :)

I took this photo at my friend's lake house (one of my first weekends in Georgia). I took it with a mixture of horror, delight, surprise, anxiety and curiosity.

Who knew a chicken with a beer can up his butt could arouse so many feelings at once?

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