Wednesday, August 22, 2012


For those of you who didn't catch up with me earlier today, I was super motivated to workout after the downward spiral last week. So, at 5:30pm I leave the office, head to the gym, change clothes, use the restroom, attempt to wash my hands and....
Smash my finger into the soap dispenser. 
Yes, with enough force to break my nail in half, cause an immediate blood blister to form and blood oozing beneath the nail (graphic sorry). 
No, I was not angry and trying to smash innocent soap dispensers.
Really I'm just a klutz. This is something you will learn about me. 
I shrieked a little, the woman next to me looked over, saw the blood and didn't even ask if I was okay!! That is NOT the Southern charm I've been talking about lady.
 But then she definitely gave me strange looks when instead of washing it off I took about 5 pictures. 
"Oh don't worry lady, I am a blogger! Yea, a blogger! Its all for the sake of the blog! 
Oh wait, you weren't worried anyway, were you!"
I didn't actually say that. I just gave her a creepy look and told her I'm a vampire.
A vampire who puts Snoopy bandaids on her cuts. 
It was still throbbing, despite Lucy's smiling face on my thumb. 
But, I was determined for the Yolates class!
(yoga + pilates = yolates, for my slow learners...I still love you)
I'm slow too, in different ways.
This was my second time doing the class, which is actually called Centergy at my gym, but Yolates sounds so much cooler, doesn't it?
The first time, I looked much like a dying seagull, not a graceful swan; because not only am I klutzy, I am also very NON-flexible. However, this is something I'm trying to fix, especially because one day I think it would be cool to own a Yolates studio. Maybe I should learn how to do it first though, just a thought. 
Honestly, I'm just really drawn to the culture of it, which maybe explains why I wore this Eco Yoga shirt...
If I'm going to look like a dying seagull instead of a blooming lotus flower scorpion firefly downward dog, I should at least attempt to dress the part. 
I've honestly had this shirt forever, I got it at Whole Foods a couple years ago. 
Yes, guilty - I bought a shirt at Whole Foods while I supposed to be "grocery shopping." 
Doesn't everyone spend WAYYY too much money every time they step foot in Whole Foods or is that just me?? Between the salad bar, organic ice-cream, craft beer selection and natural beauty products, I'm done for. (Pssstt...Karen, hook me up with the employee discounts ;)
One day, don't you worry though, I will not only be dressed like a Yogi guru, but I'll be doing this!
Whose the dying seagull now?!

And Country Man will be doing this!
But, he won't grow his hair like that....

and maybe just maybe one day I won't be such a klutz. 

XOXO Love, your dying seagull yolates vampire


Have you ever had one of those days where you are SO motivated to workout (you even pack gym clothes in your car in the morning!) but then it seems like the world is against your good and healthy motives? That happened to me last week when my "workout routine" went something like this.

4:00pm - check the gym class schedule and vow to go to the 5:30pm Spin Class
5:35pm - reading emails, "Crap! What time is it??"
5:36pm - check the gym class schedule AGAIN and vow to go to the 6:30 Pilates class
5:50pm - "Hello Boss....why are you back in the office, I thought you left for the day?"
6:45pm - "Goodbye Boss" Grrrrrr!!!!
6:50pm - Driving home I decide that I still have time for a run around the lake.
7:00pm - Change into workout clothes, SO MOTIVATED!
7:05pm - "Hello Mother, is that wine you are drinking? May I taste it?
7:10pm - "So, this is cheap wine from Walmart? Pretty good. You drank this whole bottle already?" Oh, you used it in your cooking, SUUURRRE!

7:15pm - "Mom, should I go for a run?" Secretly hoping she says, "No honey, lets drink wine and watch bad reality TV."
7:16pm - Mom says, "Sure honey, if you want to. Dinner won't be ready until after 8 anyway."
7:17pm - Take a swig of wine, "Do you want to run with me?"
Mom: "Umm, no, do you ever see me run?"
Me: "Fine, do you want to walk with me?"
7:25 - Headed to the lake with my mom for a nice evening stroll!
Go Momma Go!
So, my workout plan backpedaled from:
Spin Class --> Pilates --> Running --> Wine drinking --> Walking --> Dinner

Has this ever happened to you??

Well, you know what, I was glad that it did because I got to enjoy some quality time with the Madre and this beautiful sunset!

Me and the Madre
baaahhhh yikes! good thing I gots my hairs did!
See...when you are strolling slowly you can take better pictures. 

But, today I really am going to the gym! I have my workout clothes in the car! Yolates here I come!
yoga + pilates = yolates (just FYI, i'm not crazy)

And I won't become a chunky monkey like my sister's pretty kitty. 
Meet Puka.
He is pretty
and very fat
and cross-eyed.

I'll let you know how the yolates goes!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


What exactly am I looking for? 
BOOM! right off the bat.
Pretty loaded question for an ordinary Wednesday, right? 
Get ready for some deep thoughts....this blog is no place for doggie paddlers.

Everyone feels entitled to their own: happiness, well-being, health, wealth, prosperity, love-life, adventures, vacations, food, fun and friends. But, what are we actually entitled to? Nothing. The world owes us….nothing. We owe the world our talents, love, kindness, gentleness and passion!
I am certain about one thing and one thing only: that I am loved. And that is wonderful. 

Yet, I am the type of person that seems to be in a constant search. You know those types… and they probably drive you freaking crazy!! Well, sorry, but I am one of those. We constantly are soul-searching, proclaiming our passions, changing our ambitions, career paths, college majors, hobbies, interests, etc. The only constant is being loved and loving in return. But, everything else is cyclical and dwells within the different seasons and chapters of my life (or whatever analogy you want to use). I like to think that I’m just interested in a million different things and want to learn about everyone and everything that I possibly can in this world. Some might attribute it to ADD, but I’ve never actually been tested for that because I think it is far too over-diagnosed. And I don't need Ritalin YO!! Oh look at the bunnies. I like pickles. Did I turn off my straightening iron?

I do know one thing though, this cubicle is eating my soul. Not in the same way that Las Vegas will.... fortunately I moved to the humble South before that happened! And to all my friends who still live in Vegas, your souls are golden and good, so you don't need to worry. But I do! Because these cubicle walls are a fortress: a highly-air-conditioned “soundproof” (joke of the year) fortress.
My brain is squished. 
Does anybody like working in a cubicle? 
I really truly want to hear from you if you do. 
Does anybody like working in an office? 

I want to work outside, or at least open a window. 
Right now I'm trying to leap inside a calendar!
And it isn't working!!!

I've decided, I want to be a zookeeper. Okay maybe not...
I don’t actually know what that entails, probably far more poop than I’m willing to handle. 
If you had to choose: cubicle-dweller or zookeeper, what would you choose?

Okay serious questions though. Riddle me this. 
How do you cope with cubicle-life?
Are you using your talents and living with passion?
Do you have a window in your office? ;)
Do you like to shovel poop?
Do you ever shove your face onto a calendar of Hawaii and try to morph yourself inside?
AND lastly,
Do you think the world owes us or that we owe the world?

Talk to me goose.