Saturday, June 9, 2012


Yup, you read that right. 
Tim McGraw was wearing very white and very very very tight pants, reminiscent of 1985, with black cowboy boots. Kenny Chesney sweat...A LOT! like literally dripping everywhere.
Okay, fiiiiine! I didn't actually DO them. You sickos, what were you thinking. I DID however, see them in concert at the Georgia Dome. My very first country concert, and 
oh boy, were there some characters.

Check out this hairstyle! I wonder if he looks in the mirror everyday and says, "Yes, this is exactly the look I am going for. I look dannnng sexy today!" Perfect bangs for swaying to, "Where the Green Grass Grows"

What do you think this guy is thinking? 
Leave your captions in the comment section

Not a bad view for our FREE tickets! woot woot!

Country Man knew every word to almost every song!
I on the other hand, was just trying to fit in by wearing cowgirl boots and drinking Bud Light while belting out one-liners...


Shameless Ladeezy (who I LOVE) practiced her own version of "turning country" or redneck or Jersey Shore...or fist-pumping to the entire song, "Truck Yeah!" while simultaneously yelling,
 "Truck Yeah!"
Yes...there is a song called "Truck Yeah".... no comment

Aren't we so pretty? Like mother, like daughter. 
Truck Yeah!

Actually, pretty glad I was up in the stadium for this part while Kenny Chesney decided to douse his fans with sweat by swinging over the crowd. I later saw a girl post on Twitter, "Oh my God, so hot, Kenny Chesney is sweating all over me!"
Sorry girl, get a hobby.

We can actually be normal sometimes....

This was a good experience for my first country concert. I'm adapting more and more to the culture here by the minute. Crazy and scary...kinda. But, definitely an adventure, and a lot of fun! 'm actually late to meet Country Man on the lake for some fishing right now. More posts and pics to follow!


ps: don't forget the caption contest ;)

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